Fees Information

Prospect Taxes is dedicated to transparency and a clear fee structure for both business services and individual tax preparation. While our fee ranges aim to match the expected time spent, we recognize unique situations may arise.


We strive to maintain consistency in historical tax preparation fees for returning clients, with occasional adjustments due to the increased cost of living affecting our accounting professionals.


Surprisingly, our fees can decrease in certain circumstances. For instance, a year with complex transactions may incur higher fees, while a simpler year could result in reduced fees, reflecting the straightforward nature of the tax preparation process. Returning individual taxation clients can also estimate pricing for the current tax year here.

Business Formation


We assist in establishing LLCs, partnerships, S-corps, or C-corps for a flat fee of $300 for simple LLC, and $400 for S-Corp & Corp plus state filing fees. Our service includes crafting Articles with state, obtaining an EIN, and applying for business licence.


Late S-Corp Election


We can convert your current entity to an S corporation for $300 as late S-Corp election back to Jan 1, 2023. This strategic move can lead to significant savings of 8 to 10% on your net business income, reducing self-employment taxes. Yay!

Individual Tax Preparation


Fees for individual tax preparation show significant variation depending individual circumstance. Utilize our price estimator to generate a customized estimate.

Business Tax Preparation


We offer business consultation, optimize deductions, and prepare tax returns. Base fee for business tax returns begins at $500, with variation based on accounting record quality. Additional work is billed at $150/hr. Rental businesses incur a $60 fee per extra rental beyond the first.

Online Accounting




Our small business bookkeeping and analysis $100 to $1500 per month depending on cadence. 

Payroll Services


We offer turn key payroll services integrated with Gusto where we handle all the heavy lifting. We charge $150/hr for the setup. You pay gusto charges listed here.

ITIN Filing


$125 for the initial person and $50 for each additional person. Enjoy a 25% discount if you're also filing taxes with us.


Notary Services


$10 for the first stamp and $4 for each additional stamp.



$75 for 30 mins. Credited towards future Business Advisory or Tax Patrol Services if engaged. Swift answers; refund if expertise lacking. Low risk, high reward!